The D400…above or below?🤔

The D400 is a state road that runs through Kalkan (see map below – D400 is marked in black).

Many Villa/Apartment enquiries request a ‘below the D400’ location, usually because of a perception that it is closer to the Old Town.

Jasmine Apartment is above the D400. We’re biased of course but we think ‘above the D400’ has its benefits…

Benefits – Above the D400

• Some areas closer than many areas below the D400✅

• Light breeze to help cool you down💨

• Some of the best sea views in Kalkan🏝

• Quieter / more peaceful than the more central areas below the D400🤫

• Foot bridge over the D400 – so super safe!👍

So…below the D400 or above the D400?…you decide!😉

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